Top Eight Attainable and Productive Position Players for your MLB The Show Franchise

The List

To clarify the nature of this list, you won’t find Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, or Christian Yelich.  These are players that are attainable for very reasonable prices in terms of trade value but who have the ability to impact your franchise in a significant way. If you’re playing a full 162 chances are you are at or near the trade deadline in your franchise and so hopefully this list can give you some good options to get your team over the hump or if you’re already in 1st place they can make you a championship contender. I’m also focusing on players that can remain with your franchise for multiple years, not rental players who may leave after year one and head to free agency. In the accompanying video below, I will demonstrate further the types of packages that can net these players. (Rosters and contracts are from Ridin Rosters 2.5 set). As one final note, obtaining these players would perhaps require breaking my house rules for realism recommendations with the trade engine, but there are many ways to “franchise”, and if your squad could use some immediate help then look no further than these names. Domingo Santana- LF (CF/RF)- 79 overall, 1.5 Million in 2020, final arbitration year in 2021. The current Indians outfielder can play all three spots, though his defensive ratings are more what you would want in the corner OF. He has power and is still only 27 years old. He only comes guaranteed for 2021, after which he can become a free agent. Mitch Haniger– RF (CF/LF)- 82 overall, 3 million in 2020, two additional arbitration years in 2021 and 2022 before free agency. If you’re out for realism, it has been rumored that the 29 year old outfielder has been available in real life from the always willing to deal Mariners organization. He should provide cheap but steady production for at least two additional years after your 2020 acquisition. Willie Calhoun– LF (2B)- 73 overall, still on renewable contract. Calhoun’s younger age and contract will require a bit more from you in what you give up, but he has the versatility to play LF or 2B. He kills right handed pitching in particular already and will only get better in subsequent years. Omar Narvaez– C (1B)- 73 overall, 2.8 million in 2020, not a free agent until after 2022 season. Narvaez is another, like Calhoun, who batters RH pitching. He’s not a strong defender so he may be better on a roster with a stronger defensive alternative and some flexibility where he can catch but also play 1B so as not to be overexposed defensively. Luis Arraez– 2B (3B/SS) – 77 overall, still on renewable contract at 586K in 2020. At 22 years old it’s a little hard to believe this guy can be had for so little.  He does not possess much power but is already at a 99 Contact rating vs RHP with overall 97 vision rating. You may need to give up a fairly significant prospect of your own to get him, fair warning, but his versatility to play 3B and SS makes him a very valuable commodity. Tim Anderson– SS (2B)- 80 0verall This may be my favorite player on this list, the reigning AL batting champ is attainable. His defensive profile isn’t elite as a SS, but moving him to 2B turns him into a truly elite player. He is not as easily acquired as some others on this list but you can snag him without giving up one of your own core players. Michael Conforto- RF (LF,CF) 83 overall Conforto’s main deficiency is his profile vs LHP, but his power against RHP and defensive versatility more than make up for it. Franmil Reyes– RF (LF) 78 overall If big time power potential is what you’re looking for, Reyes may be the best option on this list.  I acquired him in my main franchise and he has been a revelation, hitting for power and actually average as well. He’s also solid in LF where I’ve played him.   For a demonstration of the ease with which these players are attainable, please watch this video where I dive a bit deeper into these guys as well as what it takes to get them. I use the rebuilding Pittsburgh Pirates as the base team. [embedyt][/embedyt]