NBA 2K19 Review

There is now under a month until the 2018/19 NBA season begins. NBA 2K19 has been out for over two weeks and the response has been nothing but high praise for the annual franchise release. Did 2K Sports produce another slam dunk of a basketball game or will fans of the series still find themselves … Read more

Madden NFL 19 Tools to Create a Unique CFM Experience

Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the negativity that surrounds the release of an annual sports title. Depending on your social media circle and the forums you visit, you could spend hours just reading about all the features that aren’t in the game and all the bugs that are! For a change, … Read more

Madden 19 Title Update Released

EA released a title update for Madden 19 that includes over 2 GB’s of content. The details of the update can be seen here, and key highlights are listed below. For some, this title update might be exactly what they’ve been waiting for. For others, it might leave them wanting more. The update impacts almost all game … Read more

Madden 19 – Setting Up 32-Team Control

Note: This can only be set up for offline Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) and cannot be used in cloud CFM. What is 32-Team Control? 32-Team Control in Madden 19 is the ability to control the actions of any team within your offline Connected Franchise Mode. This includes cutting players, signing players, depth chart assignments, draft … Read more