Madden 19 Title Update Released

EA released a title update for Madden 19 that includes over 2 GB’s of content. The details of the update can be seen here, and key highlights are listed below. For some, this title update might be exactly what they’ve been waiting for. For others, it might leave them wanting more. The update impacts almost all game modes and might be the biggest update the community will see all year. Here are the Key Highlights as seen on EA’s website. Key Highlights
  • Gameplay
    • New Hit Stick Formula
    • Less defensive knockouts vs. possession catch
    • Play Action pass blocking upgrade
  • Franchise
    • New off-ball injury banner shows team and player
Franchise players will be happy to see an updated injury banner. An overhaul to the hit stick formula was implemented as well. Further details regarding the new hit stick formula, including some commentary from one of EA’s Game Designers, Clint Oldenburg, (@ClintOldenburg) can be found here. The change will have an immediate impact on the outcome of the user’s gameplay. As with previous versions of the game, EA will continue to release title updates throughout the year. What are your thoughts on this title update? Do these updates address any of your initial concerns about the game? Are there critical items that you think still need to be addressed? Make sure to download and install the patch and let us know what you think.  Follow me on Twitter @Billy4NY for more news and updates on your favorite sports games.