Madden NFL Overdrive Now Available

Madden NFL Overdrive is now available on iOS and Android. Overdrive offers Madden and NFL fans a chance to play with their favorite players/teams on their mobile devices. For gamers that have yet to pick up a copy of Madden NFL 19 or have not been lucky enough to win a code through social media (keep liking, retweeting, commenting, and following away), this is a mobile app that offers a ton of gameplay value considering the extremely low purchase price of $0.00. (Note: There are in-app purchases, of course.) Each year EA gives their mobile game a bit of an overhaul, but Madden NFL Overdrive has some significant changes from the previous version of the game. The addition of a Player versus Player game mode that happens in real-time is something never before seen in the game. They also incorporated some of the new features that are seen in Madden NFL 19. The addition of Captains, Coaches, and Schemes all add a new layer of strategy and game planning to the experience. In addition to these features, EA also significantly improved the graphics, player animations, and presentation of the game. One of the biggest presentation features is the ability to view instant replays in the game. Returning players to EA’s mobile app will experience a new look and feel to the game that they have never experienced before. Madden NFL Overdrive includes single player events, online PvP in real-time, and interactive league play with other gamers. It most closely resembles the Madden Ultimate Team mode seen in Madden NFL 19. More details on Madden NFL Overdrive can be found on EA’s website. Players who download the app and start playing before September 30th will receive a bonus Terrell Owens. Follow me on Twitter @Billy4NY for more news and updates on your favorite sports games.