Sim Sports Gaming Announces Grey Dog Software Affiliate Store

Free Codes

Sim Sports Gaming is proud to announce we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite software companies, Grey Dog Software! To help celebrate, we’re giving away codes for Bowl Bound College Football, plus more. The code winners will be picked on Friday, and to qualify you just have to like and retweet this story that’s been posted to our Twitter account @SimSportsGamin9. Liking us as well won’t hurt your chances any!

Affiliated Web Store and Promo Code

This month also marks the start of SSG’s 4th real-time season using Bowl Bound College Football, and for anyone who misses out on the free codes, we have a promotional code active now that you can use to purchase Bowl Bound College Football and save $5 for the rest of August. By heading over to our affiliated web store, you can enter the code “bbcfsim” at checkout to apply the savings. With less than two weeks until the NCAA college football season kicks off, what better time to grab one of our favorite college football games we’ve ever played?


If you’re looking to play BBCF online against others, our community has been playing in a league since 2015, and we’re about to kickoff the 2018 season on Saturday, May 25th. Here are some links to that league, if you’re interested in learning more:
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