Madden 19 – Setting Up 32-Team Control

Note: This can only be set up for offline Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) and cannot be used in cloud CFM. What is 32-Team Control? 32-Team Control in Madden 19 is the ability to control the actions of any team within your offline Connected Franchise Mode. This includes cutting players, signing players, depth chart assignments, draft selections, trades, and anything else that you might normally control under the Coach or Owner role within CFM. Why use 32-Team Control? There are several benefits of setting up 32-Team Control, and they are subject to the user’s desired gaming experience. The Sim users will enjoy leveraging this control to ensure the most realistic experience possible in terms of how other teams manage their rosters throughout CFM.
  • Want to make sure that the Browns don’t draft a QB in the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft?
  • Tired of seeing teams cut 2018 NFL Draft picks from their rosters during the pre-season?
  • Think that an NFL team should re-sign their star player instead of letting him hit free agency?
These are all things that you can prevent by setting up 32-Team Control in your offline CFM. However, the setup of 32-Team Control can also be beneficial to non-sim users who are looking to have an entertaining experience within their CFM. Take the scenarios above, but flip them.
  • Think Baker Mayfield was a terrible choice for the Browns and want to see them make a move for a different QB?
  • Want to see what would happen if a team started all rookies for a full season?
  • Curious to see if it would be beneficial to have Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton on the same team?
Again, these are all things that you could make possible (to some extent) by setting up 32-Team Control in your offline CFM. How to use 32-Team Control  Setting up 32-Team Control in your offline CFM will take a little bit…okay, a lot of time, compared to just kicking off a CFM with a single team and letting the CPU dictate the stories to be written in your CFM. Below are the detailed steps required to set up 32-Team Control. 1) The first steps will be to set up your offline CFM as you normally would with the team of your choice. Select Franchise > Offline Start new & load. 2) Select Start A New Franchise and select which rosters you would prefer to use. 3) Select the Team, Role, and League Settings that YOU want to play use within your offline CFM. 4) Next, you will need to repeat the following process for each of the other 31 teams in the league. Here is an outline of the steps with directions and screenshots below.
  • Navigate to the menu that allows you to create a new character within your CFM.
  • Add a Coach or Owner for the desired team in your CFM. (selecting Coach or Owner depends on your preference of control level, although selecting Coach has some drawbacks, see below)
  • During new character setup, navigate to the League Setting and setup the Manual/Auto preferences* for each CFM action for that NFL team.
  • After all settings have been set up, accept the settings for your new character to complete the process.
  • Press R3 (or system equivalent) to change characters in your CFM.
*Keep in mind that any action that you do not complete for a team will be ignored or simulated. Therefore, if you forget to re-sign certain players for a team, they may go to free agency. Therefore, I would suggest, by default, changing the League Settings for all 31 teams to AUTO for all activities to not cause any issues in your CFM. Then, as needed, you can navigate to those teams and take action as you wish. 5) Once in your newly created CFM, either navigate to Settings > User Teams, or click R3 and navigate to the Create a New Character option: 6) Once on the User Teams menu, press Triangle (or system equivalent) to initiate the New Character. 7) Select an unowned team and proceed to create a new character for that team. Prior to completing the new character, navigate to League Settings and set all User Team Help settings to Auto and all Team Settings to ON. This will ensure that the CPU will continue to operate this team per typical “sim” processes until you step in to make decisions for them. 8) Once the above process has been completed for all 31 teams, you can click R3 (or system equivalent) to change which team you are currently controlling. With a user setup for each team, you can navigate to that team and complete any of their activities. 9) Finally, navigate back to your original team to change all League Settings, but know that each character has a different set of User Team Help and Team Settings. Known Drawbacks with 32-Team Control:
  • The Halftime shows and in-game tickers in each of your user controlled games will not have league content. Your CFM thinks that every team in your league is “user controlled” and will not simulate their games upon your selection to begin your weekly matchup.
  • Under your commissioner role (the team you selected to start your CFM), if you set Coach Firings to CPU Only then no coaches will be fired as your CFM thinks all 32 teams are user controlled. For coaches to be fired in your CFM, you must set the Coach Firings setting to On.
  • If you selected the Coach Role for the other 31 teams in the league, you will have to create new characters each offseason to replace any coaches that were fired. Please note that when a CPU Owner fires a coach, they typically hire a new coach during one of the offseason stages.
If you experience any other drawbacks to setting up 32-Team Control in your offline Madden 19 CFM, please let us know so we can update the material above. Follow me on Twitter @Billy4NY for more news and updates on your favorite sports games.