NBA 2K19 MyLeague Online: Now Accepting Applications PS4 and Xbox One leagues are beginning to fill and will start shortly after the game's release

With the success of our Madden CFM’s, we’re thrilled to announce that we are beginning to accept applications for our NBA 2K19 MyLeagues Online.

You can fill out an application for PlayStation 4 here

You can fill out an application for Xbox One here

We are currently discussing league setup and rules in our Slack chat, so while we’re not assigning teams just yet, come share your thoughts on how we can best build out these leagues which we aim to have as the most realistic and most in-depth MyLeagues available.

What makes our leagues at SSG unique is that we allow for members to not just gather, but to also share their league stories and content by posting content straight to the website. Whether that’s print stories, podcasts, vlogs, or anything else you can think up, this added layer is just one way in which we’re doing our part to take franchise mode gaming and community building to the next level.

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