Rountable: How is SSG Community Passing Time During COVID-19 Outbreak?

This week we asked the SSG Community what they were doing to pass the time during the stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of our answers tied back to gaming. Share what you’re doing to pass the time in the comment section below. Mike Lowe With the COVID-19 outbreak and stay at home orders, what are you doing to pass the time? Are you gaming more? Gaming less? If you’re gaming, what are you playing? You’re also welcome to share any challenges you may be facing, if you would like a place to vent. Tumblespaceweed ive been playing a lot more 2k and grinding mlb the show jpontzer (ATL) Playing lots of OOTP baseball. Also discovered that the game Crusader Kings II has a very detailed Game of Thrones mod, and CKII itself is free to play on steam. I’ve put over 100 hours into those games combined in the past 2 weeks MRMUFFN-Panthers Playing alot more Fhm6, and rimworld, however I’m unfortunately a “critical worker” so I have to work still -_- that ain’t fun hetz23 (MB Cardinals) Want to jump into OOTP Baseball, never played but based on other’s comments I think I’d love it…but I only have a chromebook and I’ve heard it’s not compatible, or that if it is it get’s very buggy. Any insight appreciated. Mike Lowe I’ve have Crusader King for years. I love the genre, the history, and have watched hours of tutorials, and I’m always lost. I’ve been playing MLB The Show 20, Civilzation 6, and a few nights a week my wife and I have been building a city together in Cities Skylines with the new expansion that recently came out. I also just bought Head Coach 09 for PS3 on eBay and am waiting for that to arrive. Planning to try and get back into College Hooks 2k8 as well. codyw73 (Packers) @Mike Lowe is sunset harbor worth getting? I’m about to jump back into cities skylines and thought about picking it up since it’s the only one I don’t have now I’ve also been playing simairport a lot since I picked it up off steam recently Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) I like Crusader Kings II. I always start small so I can have history churning away while my wife thinks I’m watching her shows with her at night. :stuck_out_tongue: Mike Lowe Yeah, it’s a cool expansion. I don’t really like how they organize their tabs now, as things are duplicated in some places and it gets confusing. Perhaps there’s a Workshop mod that cleans that all up a bit. I got all of the expansion when they were on-sale last week. They might still be. Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) Right now I start as a Visigoth vassal of Leon that adopts the Portuguese culture and tries to unite the Kingdom of Galacia as a competing kingdom eaespinal Crusader kings and EU games are interesting with how you can move how history advances. Love those games. I’m working more than ever as a banker now. People still need to have access to cash and a significant amount don’t have atm/debit cards to use atms so they need to come into the bank in person. Also see a lot of people in the bank recklessly coughing and making unnecessary transactions fudoki22 (Mike|OOTP Commish) I play Hearthstone. There are other games?! Mike Lowe I try and play Golf Club each week too. We need to get the SSG Tournaments back up and running! Ben Lloyd (Ducks/Brewers) i realized the other day i have over 1000 hours in eu4. currently getting back into it as the MEIOU and Taxes mod seems to be stable again. Dj88pippen33 @Mike Lowe how is golf club? Mike Lowe Golf Club is, for me, probably the most realistic sports game I’ve played the past 2 years. Add in how clean their online interface is and the ability to easily setup private societies, and it’s a highly underrated and enjoyable game. I strongly recommend it. The only negative is that it seems to be a game that struggles with blocking cheaters that rack up -62 scores over 4 rounds on a difficult course. But, private societies can obviously help with that. Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) I cheat by racking up +62 scores in 4 rounds. Call me a contrarian. We should really get our society back up with weekly tournaments. Mike Lowe Yeah, I just don’t have the time to create them. I can make someone an admin though! Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) Same issue with time here, unfortunately. We were supposed to have personal androids by now.