Long Gone Podcast – Mike Lowe and Ridin Rosters Roundtable Recap

My name is Ryan, and I have a podcast. This statement is one that can be made by an increasing number of people as the podcast medium has exploded in recent years. I had been blogging for several months and always felt like I wanted to create a podcast, and so I did. It’s been an enjoyable hobby. I am also an ardent and die hard player of the MLB The Show video game series. I have poured countless hours of time into the game over the years. Like with any sports video game, you want your experience to as closely replicate real life as possible. In the MLB The Show community, there are only two names who are synonymous within the fan community that have helped fans of the game enjoy their realism experience. They are Mike Lowe and Ridin. Of course there are all of the official members of the San Diego Studio crew and everything they do to create the game, but these are professionals being paid to create a game. What Mike and Ridin have provided through the years is a labor of love. Ridin with his Ridin Rosters and Mike with his slider set have helped make the game so much more enjoyable than it already is. I was honored to be able to have them both on my podcast this weekend, together in a roundtable format with my co-host Rejean.  If you’re an MLB The Show fan, this roundtable discussion is a MUST listen! It can be found here: 


Ridin first talked about the fact that his experience with roster creation goes back to well before the time of MLB The Show and the time when roster sharing wasn’t nearly as easy as it is today. His passion has evolved into a small team of people who have centralized the efforts and have become so influential that every year many players would not even start their franchise play until the Ridin Rosters 1.0 were released. This all culminated this year into an official affiliation with the game where the Ridin Full Minors rosters were set to be released with the official game launch. We talked about this experience along with the reasons behind a need to still post subsequent rosters in the vault. The conversation then switched over to slider sets with Mike Lowe, and Mike’s set every year is the most downloaded, highest rated, and easily the most well known slider set within the community. Mike took listeners through some of his process and talked about the areas that he focuses on statistics wise to help drive some of his recommendations for sliders. He presented an overall theory or approach by which he wants the mundane to occur in the game along with the explosion of a homerun or double into the gap with the bases loaded. His slider set is out to also meant to obtain the weak ground ball, the lazy fly ball, and things at times seldom seen in a player controlled baseball video game like (GASP!), a user striking out to the CPU. The conversation then evolved into a discussion about the many different elements of franchise mode, the return of custom leagues, wishes for the future, and all things MLB The Show.


** I am still an amateur at editing audio and so there are a couple of glitches in this episode. Apologies for this.