Roundtable: Will Any New College Sports Game Ever Live Up to the Hype?

Games like College Hoops 2K8, EA NCAA Football 14 have been elevated to legendary status and continue to have strong followings. If and when college sports gaming make a comeback, will these studios feel the pressure to recreate that greatness, or will living up to the community’s expectations be impossible? We asked the SSG Community, and here is what they had to say. Texans | Chef Tae Good question DaMallowMan87 I dont think there is any way to live up to the hype. There will always be haters and whiners no matter how good the games are chief86(Giants) I know Doug Flutie tried his hand in it towards the end of last year with Maximum Football 19. It was pretty bad. I couldn’t even play it. He was way behind on his graphics. If it is to succeed it needs to be someone like EA to do it. DaMallowMan87 It would be amazing if 2k was the one that did it in my opinion :grinning: chief86(Giants) 2k also has good development in games. I think the big ordeal that went and shut EA down from making college football games will make them hesitant to try again Mike Lowe There’s too much money to be made not to get back into college gaming. Studios just need that green light. DaMallowMan87 I think the college football and basketball games are going to make a TON of money the second they announce it. People are dying for it i know I am lol chief86(Giants) They do. At least keep the style, but don’t make the players resemble the real life players. That was what killed it. I am too. I loved playing college more than Madden DaMallowMan87 As long as their is a roster creation mode its all good chief86(Giants) Exactly. Let the user do it. DaMallowMan87 I remember the days of buying memory cards preloaded with the rosters on them lol Mike Lowe My biggest worry is that the focus falls in Ultimate Team, and not in a strong dynasty/legacy mode. DaMallowMan87 Yea im so sick of ultimate team. I want to play dynasty and franchise modes all day long Mike Lowe I trust 2K to bring both Ultimate Team and a strong dynasty. I have little faith in an EA attempt, but would hope they prove me wrong. DaMallowMan87 I’m with you Mike 2k college basketball would be amazing And if they can make 2k College football like they did NFL2k games im in I used to be a diehard ea sports gamer but I’m just not enjoying them quite as much as I used to I still play them don’t get me wrong but nothing really seems to change chief86(Giants) And with this, this can help get it moving forward. What college athlete wouldn’t take a little extra pay to get their likeness in a game