Deep Draft Dive – A Retrospective of the FOF 2019 Draft Let's see what a number crunch of last year's SSG FOF draft reveals


With the 2020 draft rapidly approaching, let’s see if we can put some qualitative analysis on what went down this time last year.


This deep dive takes each draft pick and rates it based on something called ‘surrounding average’.  Read more

Front Office Football 9 Developer Jim Gindin Updates the Community on Games’ Progress Developer talks about FOF9 progress, partnership with Out of the Park Developments

Jim Gindin, creator of Front Office Football, has posted an update to his blog sharing some news about Front Office Football 9 and his partnership with Out of the Park Developments. You can read the entire blog post here.… Read more

SSG FOF Oakland Raiders Headed to the Postseason Impressive season sees the Raiders earn their first division title and a first round bye

The Oakland Raiders are heading to the playoffs for the first time since GM Damon Macioce took over the reigns in 2015. They earned the second placed seed and a first round bye with a modest 10-6 record. Those ten … Read more