Madden 19 Poised to be Summer Blockbuster

Now, perhaps the header and sub-header of this post are a bit of hyperbole, but I feel it’s true, and today’s Daily Dose is focused entirely on celebrating today’s¬†Madden 19¬†release. It’s also a reminder for us to enjoy one of the most important football events of the year (again, not hyperbole in 2018). Rebirth isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s not to be confused with something revolutionary¬†either.However, I’ve had¬†Madden 19 since August 1st, and while there are some CFM issues I’m hoping we see ironed out (hello, simulated QB rushing attempts and WR2 YPC), it’s quite apparent that this is the best¬†Madden I¬†have¬†ever played. The gameplay is noticeably improved, especially in the running game. Franchise has had some nice subtle improvements that have tightened the mode up. MUT has been a lot of fun (hint: Solo Challenges are very financially rewarding), and the familiarity of¬†Madden¬†in the places where we expect it are very much welcomed. In other words, yes it will feel like the familiar¬†Madden,¬†but you’ll notice a lot of very nice tweaks in many areas throughout the game that I’m optimistic EA Sports will be able to use as a base to build on as we head into the Fall and Winter (ie patches). Therefore, today’s DD is meant to remind us to enjoy today, as it’s one of the sports gaming world’s biggest holidays. The two questions that I pose to you are:
  • Do you think we are or are not¬†in the midst of a sports gaming rebirth?
  • What are you most excited about in Madden 19?
So what are your thoughts? Are we truly experiencing a rebirth of the sports game genre? What has you most excited about Madden 19? Share your thoughts below after logging in via your forum account.

2 thoughts on “Madden 19 Poised to be Summer Blockbuster”

  1. I do believe the sports game genre is trending upwards as today we have developers at multiple gaming studios who are heavily involved with their communities and social media like never before. Simply put, I don’t see¬†Madden 19¬†being the only positive surprise this year in the sports gaming world…

    What I’m most excited for in¬†Madden 19¬†is for the CFM I’m participating in to get started.

  2. Do you think we are or are not in the midst of a sports gaming rebirth?
    To classify something as a rebirth would mean that the whole dynamic of gaming is changing and in a positive way. I think we are still in the midst of a rebirth that started a few years back with game modes like Madden Ultimate Team (MUT – Madden), Diamond Dynasty (MLB The Show), and MyCAREER/LEAGUE/PARK (NBA 2k) really started surfacing as the go-to mode for many players. It will be interesting to see how the next few years of sports gaming continues to evolve.

    What are you most excited about in Madden 19?
    By far I am most excited about the additions to Connected Franchise Mode. I had a chance to play the 10-hour trial via Origin Access and I think the additions/improvements of Scheme Fits, Skills Points, and Player Archetypes are a huge step in the right direction. When I got into my first CFM experience though, I was surprised more by the presentation within the game mode than anything else. The game introductions were excellent, halftime was something that made me feel like I was really in my own league and not just in a Play Now game, and the Draft Stage was exciting to see implemented.

    There is still a lot of Madden to be played and I should be able to say after another month or so whether or not this is the best Franchise mode in the current generation of Madden football, but so far it has done nothing but impressed me.

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