Madden 19 Releases First Roster Update

Less than 24 hours after the release of the Madden 19, a roster update was available for the Madden community. The roster update included detailed changes in terms of player equipment, player models, and QB stances / throwing motions.¬†Additionally, the roster update included recent NFL transactions¬†and¬†rating changes as determined by the EA team. If you are looking for more details of these changes, head over to EA Sports’ website where you can track player ratings throughout the season. Also, per @Equipment_Guru, EA will be posting something online soon with details of the first update.
On August 10th EA's @Equipment_Guru announced that this year's first roster update was live. He also responded announcing that the website "should be updated really soon."
@Equipment_Guru announces roster update via Twitter on August 10th (Madden Release).
Until EA posts something listing the details of what was included in this roster update, it is up to the community to identify the changes. Hope everyone enjoys a good scavenger hunt!  Here is a peek of what was included in the update. We went ahead and checked the box on the easiest item on that scavenger hunt. Happy Madden Season, everyone!
The first roster update included the trade of Corey Coleman from the Cleveland Browns to the Buffalo Bills.
Corey Coleman was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Buffalo Bills.
See any issues with this roster update, including any player equipment updates that were missed?  What key changes to your favorite team or players occurred and did EA include them in this update? The EA team continuously updates the Madden rosters, so this will be one of many for the upcoming NFL season. Follow me on Twitter @Billy4NY for news and updates on your favorite sports games.