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SSG Pro Football

2018 Awards

Player of the YearMatt RyanAtlanta
Front Office Bowl MVPChris BeachOakland
Coach of the YearEmmanuel GriffithsArizona
Legend of the GameTony RomoDallas
Offensive Player of the YearColin KaepernickNew York (N)
Defensive Player of the YearVon MillerDenver
Offensive Rookie of the YearCamden PlanishNew Orleans
Defensive Rookie of the YearSilas StantonIndianapolis
All-League First Team QuarterbackColin KaepernickNew York (N)
All-League First Team Running BackChris BeachOakland
All-League First Team FullbackCollin CovingtonAtlanta
All-League First Team Tight EndKyle RudolphMinnesota
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverKeenan AllenSan Diego
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverOdell BeckhamNew York (N)
All-League First Team CenterD.J. LongDenver
All-League First Team Offensive GuardGregory HaasSan Diego
All-League First Team Offensive GuardTrai TurnerCarolina
All-League First Team Offensive TackleAndrew WhitworthOakland
All-League First Team Offensive TackleRicky WagnerBaltimore
All-League First Team PunterPat McAfeeIndianapolis
All-League First Team KickerDan BaileyDallas
All-League First Team Defensive EndGreg HardyOakland
All-League First Team Defensive EndEzra BuckleyNew York (N)
All-League First Team Defensive TackleKawann ShortCarolina
All-League First Team Defensive TackleAaron DonaldSt. Louis
All-League First Team Inside LinebackerClay MatthewsGreen Bay
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerVon MillerDenver
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerKyle ThomasonMiami
All-League First Team CornerbackDamarious RandallGreen Bay
All-League First Team CornerbackMorris ClaiborneDallas
All-League First Team SafetySilas StantonIndianapolis
All-League First Team SafetyEric WeddleOakland
All-League Second Team QuarterbackMatt RyanAtlanta
All-League Second Team Running BackTodd GurleySt. Louis
All-League Second Team FullbackTommy BohanonNew York (A)
All-League Second Team Tight EndRob GronkowskiNew England
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverJulio JonesAtlanta
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverDevin SmithNew York (A)
All-League Second Team CenterWeston RichburgNew York (N)
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardEllis BrooksPhiladelphia
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardBrandon FuscoMinnesota
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleLane JohnsonPhiladelphia
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleDwayne MathisPhiladelphia
All-League Second Team PunterMarquette KingKansas City
All-League Second Team KickerDustin HopkinsWashington
All-League Second Team Defensive EndChandler JonesNew England
All-League Second Team Defensive EndEverson GriffenMinnesota
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleMichael BrockersSt. Louis
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleGerald McCoyTampa Bay
All-League Second Team Inside LinebackerJarvis JonesPittsburgh
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerPreston SmithWashington
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerAldon SmithTampa Bay
All-League Second Team CornerbackRichard ShermanSeattle
All-League Second Team CornerbackBradley RobyDenver
All-League Second Team SafetyTashaun GipsonCleveland
All-League Second Team SafetyKenny VaccaroNew Orleans
League's Fastest ManJordan MatthewsJacksonville
League's Strongest ManRicky WagnerBaltimore

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